Yoga is a tool for life

Yoga is a tool that brings together all the essential things a person needs to live a balanced, happy and healthy life. There’s a whole belief system that goes beyond the mat and into every corner of your life. Yoga has become an essential part of my life, and helped me in many ways, some of which I wasn’t even aware of.

Apart from the many physical benefits (think strength, flexibility, fitness and weight loss), there are also many emotional and spiritual benefits of the practice whenever and wherever you need it. I have used my mat just to sit and cry, meditate or escape from the world. Sometimes I don’t even have a mat!

What I love about yoga is that it is not just for bendy people but for everyone. A practice constitutes anything from sitting still and breathing, to stretching, dynamic movement, breath work, chanting and meditation. There’s a plethora of material to use and you can choose how deep you go.

Yoga makes me a better parent. It is a tool for me to show kindness, gratitude, patience and stillness to my children (and often to myself!). It is a way for me to have fun with my children and teach them essential life skills such as meditation, flexibility, strength and balance.

In a busy world filled with many options and opportunities, Yoga is actually one tool that can really do it all!

So give it a try, join me on the mat…

Namaste Sarah ox

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