Yoga- friend or enemy?

I wanted to let you in on a couple of things I have learnt about myself over the years.  One is that I’m not always very good at listening and another is that I like to busy myself with lot’s of things. That has often gotten me into trouble; when I don’t listen properly I miss stuff and I don’t take into account people’s feelings as much as I should. When I’m too busy, I don’t take the time to tune into others or even myself.

This can mean that sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. And for the longest time I had NO IDEA that I was harming myself- or anyone else!!!


Enter yoga.

At a time when I worked too much, stressed too much and thought I was a bit important because I had a ‘purpose’ in my career, a great husband and family. 

Yoga befriended me.

Showed me how to get strong, flexible, hinted that maybe I could relax a little more, maybe listen a little more. 

Yoga became my enemy.

Showed me what wasn’t working in my body, what I could do better. Showed me that my life wasn’t working, I wasn’t listening, I was too angry and stressed. 

I kept coming back.

I am not sure why, but it became more than just dabbling, it  suddenly became important, perhaps a challenge to myself. Perhaps even deep down I knew it was helping me one asana at a time. 

Just show up.

My friend and enemy rolled into one. Forcing me to connect with MYSELF and to understand what I needed. Forcing kindness to enter  my soul. 


The kindness spread.

I began to dedicate each practice to myself- to trust that the rest would follow.


And it did. One step at a time. Body, mind, spirit. Moving in a more authentic direction with kindness and understanding. Sharing it with others. Repeating the process. Forever.


I like to think I just started and the rest followed. Was it that easy? Probably not but my tip is to just show up. And repeat. Forever.


Here’s a link to my latest you tube video to help you get started..


Goodluck xxx

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