What yoga and parenting taught me


Have faith and patience, the journey of life has a lesson for us……

This month’s post was going to be all about how I was practicing yoga and preparing to become a mum to baby no 2. Turns out my little girl had other plans. My body must not be designed to carry a baby to full term- I have now had two babies naturally at 35 weeks.

It taught me that I needed to have faith and patience. Things never go to plan, a life lesson must be on its way…. 

I really didn’t want to have another premature baby (I found it hard to have my first baby in the special care nursery- a cold and sterile hospital environment) but that’s what happened and I had to be ok with that.

I have much to be grateful for, and this time around even more so. As it turns out, I was quite sick at the end of this pregnancy, so things could have easily turned out very differently. At the heart of it all, I am healthy and my baby is healthy.

When I look back at the last few months, its almost as if I was unconsciously preparing for a premature baby; I had this urge not to be caught unprepared this time. I arranged support from family, prepared baby gear early, finished yoga classes, and made sure that my uni study was completed early. I even had pregnancy family photos completed the day prior to having Zoey! And yep it happened, an early baby.

Faith and patience, I knew what was coming next… or did I?

I knew the deal second time around and prepared myself for the hospital stay (not my own though!), I even recognised some of the nurses in the special care nursery. I managed my own health, with constant trips night and day to the special care nursery to visit, cuddle and breastfeed my little girl.

By day seven, I had been discharged but my baby had not. I had had enough, I lost my patience and gratitude. I missed my family and my home.

Faith and patience, things will work out when they are meant to…

So what did I do? Cried, got upset, the next day I did some yoga…

I knew I needed to shift my perspective, and I use yoga as my tool. A gentle and explorative early morning practice was in order, as I knew it would help me shift my stagnant negative energy and improve my perspective on things.

That day we went home.

Faith and patience…. allow things to happen as they are meant to…..everything works out in the end.


Sarah ox

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