My 5 top tips to get you on the mat

I always tell my students that any yoga is good yoga, as the practice is one of the most valuable gifts of health that you can give yourself.

That being said, if you practice irregularly or once per week you will see a very small improvement over time and it will be hard to notice.

If you want to see real improvement to your physical and emotional wellbeing in a much shorter time you really need to be practicing a few times per week. I am in the habit of practicing most days but with young children I don’t have the luxury of a lengthy practice.

So here’s my tips to help get YOU onto the mat, MORE often…

Know your WHY…

Being realistic and honest about why you want to practice yoga at home will help motivate you to practice.  It’s easy enough to turn up to class and be told what to do, it’s another thing entirely to muster up the courage and motivation to step onto your mat at home. Whatever it is, whether it be to reduce pain, reduce stress, improve fitness etc… it’s about what you need- and you are important.

Remove the barriers…

If you know WHY you want to practice, then you will make the time. It doesn’t need to be very long (read below for more on that point), so pick a time that you know can work (ie first up in the morning, lunch time or in the evening). Be open to change the time if it doesn’t work.

In terms of equipment, you need very little- ie a mat and some space to roll it out!

And if you are not sure what to do I can help with that….. check out my NEW home practice ebook here….

Short is good…

In my experience, shorter and more frequent practice has significantly improved my core strength, balance and flexibility. It also helps me to keep trim and fit. A little bit most of the time adds up to a lot in the long run.

Sit and breathe…..

Beginning a home practice can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. I find the best way to start is by simply sitting on your mat. It’s important to start your practice (no matter the length) the way in which you intend to finish. Calm, energized and a little more focused. If you can manage a minute, it is better than none.

Set a healthy example….

It’s important to learn how to switch off from the busyness of every day life and show your kids how to do it as well– it’s so important these days as our children are watching their overworked and stressed parents, learning to act in the same way themselves. Whether you have children or not, show them that you care enough about yourself to practice yoga. Include them in your journey- by talking to them about why you do it and allowing them to join in where practicable.

My final (6th) tip is to say to you…. Just start somewhere. Anything is better than nothing. One pose or one breath is enough to start. You can only grow from there.

Good luck and Namaste x

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