Keep at it

One of the most common questions I get is….

“were you always this flexible?”

The answer is a definite NO! It takes hard work and much dedication to improve flexibility and strength, especially if like me you didn’t engage much in physical activity as a child/ teenager such as sports and dancing.

While I did do bits and pieces of activity, I came from a family that weren’t that active and it was only in my 20’s that I even began to think about exercising on a regular basis. I actually started off by walking the dog and occasionally practicing yoga.

Since then I have embraced the world of exercise and health by doing the gym thing, the occasional run, plenty of walking, and a fair bit of yoga.

I always come back to yoga and as I’ve said many times, it’s because for me it does it all- mind, body, soul.

So how did I get more flexible??

Well I started, kept at it, and I’m still at it. There’s always plenty more to do. And it takes TIME… so you have to be patient. In fact it takes YEARS of regular practice.

But it’s worth every minute. Your health is so important and if you body is strong and flexible, you are better equipped to get through life pain free (or at the very least in much less pain if you have injuries).

I often relate how I couldn’t touch my toes or fold fully forward in paschimottonasana or uttanasana when I started to teach in 2011, so for this post I went looking for evidence….

Notice the difference above between 2011 and 2016!! And if I took a shot today, you would see even more improvement!

So is all that effort worth it?

Yes a million times over. I feel stronger, fitter and enjoy the flexibility I have now, I am less tight and sore movement is not an issue.

When I teach I come from a place of study and personal experience. So when you are in one of my classes and I ask you to fold at the hips and bend your knees, its because I know where you need to go….

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