Hugging Meditation


We all get hugs, from friends, family and loved ones. Some are out of courtesy, and others are those lovely juicy ones that you just can’t get enough of. So how do we meditate while hugging? Recently I was inspired by one of the top experts on meditation and mindfulness- Thich Nhat Hahn, who has some very practical tips on mindfulness in everyday life, one of which is meditation whilst hugging.

It got me thinking about how something so simple can improve our everyday wellbeing. If we take the time to breathe deeply from the belly into the ribs and chest, pause then exhale from the belly, ribs and chest, and pause (in yoga terms we call this pranayama), before repeating two more times. Do this slowly and evenly while you hug someone you love. Do this everyday and see how you feel. As you hug and breathe, breathe in love and breathe out love.

I guarantee you will feel calmer, happier and more peaceful. This will change the course of your day and in time life. Don’t just stop at hugging, how about a long slow walk in nature? How about long, deep breaths with your morning cup of tea???

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