Home practice for Yogi Mumma’s

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How do you practice when you don’t have much time??? When you do get to practice, what should you focus on??

When I became a mum, my yoga practice changed. The most obvious change was that I couldn’t practice in the leisurely manner that I had become accustomed, instead it became a short and rather opportunistic endeavour- if I was able to fit some kind of practice in my day, it was a bonus! Times when I practiced at home were usually when Ollie was asleep, when dad was home, or I incorporated Ollie into my practice. (see my post- www.soulfulyoga.com.au/yogi-mumma/ for tips on how to practice with babies!) .

When time is short, and energy low (a common theme with new mum’s!), I always find forward bends, shoulder and hip openers and energising back bends are the best way to practice. Combine this with focussed breath as you move and a short meditation and you are guaranteed to feel better and more energised in order to continue your day/ evening whenever you get to practice.

While a short practice isn’t a replacement for a full class, as I always say to my students, any yoga is good yoga. Please have a look at the video below that I filmed at my retreat style private studio in Alligator Creek, Townsville. This practice will help you with your own home practice and includes important asana’s that you need to include when you don’t have much time to ensure that you are getting a whole body workout. Just make sure you include a few minutes of savasana in order to balance your energy flow and to centre your body and mind. Namaste.


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