Gratitude is the key to happiness

gratitudeGratitude is the key to happiness.

It’s a bold statement but certainly true. When you are truly grateful, your heart becomes full of love and kindness. And when we act from a place of love and kindness, happiness is inevitable.

I was reminded of this recently when I read about the journey of a woman named Hailey Bartholomew who came to a crisis point in her life, and found gratitude. Hailey could not find any joy or happiness in her life- despite having a wonderful husband, children, family, friends etc. Hailey knew it wasn’t meant to be this way and went searching… eventually through the inspiration from the words of a nun and therapist, Hailey created a project called 365grateful where she photographed one thing each day in which she could feel gratitude. In the beginning, it was difficult for her to find anything (it had to be real, not just an abstract thought, as how do you photograph that!). She persevered, and in the process inspired others to walk with her on her journey, and today continues to inspire through her work with gratitude.

It’s not like its a new concept for me- Gratitude is something I try to use daily and teach often. But Hailey hit the nail on the head when she said “…with gratitude…my head and heart moved together…”

That made me reflect again on how I use gratitude in my life. Was I being real or just abstract?

As I write this, I am relaxed on the couch snuggling my beautiful sleeping bubba. As I touch her soft tiny feet, hands and stroke her cheek- I watch her eyes softly flutter and little mouth lift ever so gently at the corners like she is having a dream that makes her smile. What an angel. But it’s not only her, it’s me feeling relaxed, cool as I sit under the fan and listen to the birds outside. Yep, right now is the best place to be!

I don’t think we can have too many reminders to stop, breathe and really connect with what is happening in this moment. So I thank Hailey for the timely reminder.

When we stop, breathe and connect, we can find gratitude in this moment. We can find peace in this moment. We can find happiness in this moment. Because really it’s only this present moment that exists at any point in time and it’s a place we so often avoid, our busy minds always flying into the future or back into the past.

And while it’s difficult and not always possible to find beauty or gratitude in every moment, what you can do is find time to sit, breathe and connect. Maybe you can look back on your day and find just one thing that lights up your life or makes you smile. Make sure its not just in your head- but real, present and tangible.

And don’t stop looking. Ever. Don’t avoid being happy by being scattered in all directions, all you need to succeed is right here. I wish you every happiness. x

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