Yoga- friend or enemy?

I wanted to let you in on a couple of things I have learnt about myself over the years.  One is that I’m not always very good at listening and another is that I like to busy myself with lot’s of things. That has often gotten me into trouble; when I don’t listen properly I […]

Saving the last piece

Do you ever find that you ‘hold back’ when you are feeling uncomfortable or out of your depth? A way to protect yourself from failure? Or criticism? Let’s unpack that a little bit…. You know when your mind is all over the place and it’s hard to concentrate? I am very good at this, I like to think […]

Keep at it

One of the most common questions I get is…. “were you always this flexible?” The answer is a definite NO! It takes hard work and much dedication to improve flexibility and strength, especially if like me you didn’t engage much in physical activity as a child/ teenager such as sports and dancing. While I did do bits […]

7 Yoga poses to ease tension

Reflecting on today’s full moon and the last two weeks full of travelling and sickness (not just me the kids too!) Something had to give so my body has forced me to stop so I’m embracing some quiet…it’s time to get my yin on and thought I’d share some wisdom with you… Here’s my 7 […]

My 5 top tips to get you on the mat

I always tell my students that any yoga is good yoga, as the practice is one of the most valuable gifts of health that you can give yourself. That being said, if you practice irregularly or once per week you will see a very small improvement over time and it will be hard to notice. If you want to […]