7 Yoga poses to ease tension

Reflecting on today’s full moon and the last two weeks full of travelling and sickness (not just me the kids too!) Something had to give so my body has forced me to stop so I’m embracing some quiet…it’s time to get my yin on and thought I’d share some wisdom with you…

Here’s my 7 top poses suited to a restorative yoga practice that are easy to practice at home. Keep this list handy for times when you need to unwind, you can mix up this list and hold poses for a short or longer length of time. Ensure that you stay focussed on the breath during each pose.

1. Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining cobbler pose).


Picture shown is the restorative version, you can also add a blanket under the head and place sandbags on the tops of the legs.

2.Balasana (child’s pose)


This pose can be done at any time and is great to restore balance. Try a blanket under the forehead or stretching the arms out in front.

3.Utthita Shishosana (extended puppy pose).


This pose is half of downward facing dog and is great to open the shoulders and chest. It’s one of those great heart chakra opening poses- perfect if you need a soft energy boost.  Knees are under the hips and forehead is resting on the floor. Ensure your neck is soft and your shoulders are away from your ears. Draw your belly in towards your spine and ensure you have a flat back. The pose pictured here, is a slightly more restorative version with legs wide with a stretch similar to balasana but with more hip opening, and less pressure on the shoulders. Either is great in this situation.

4. Paschimottonasana (seated forward bend).


Can help to ease an unsettled mind. When in this pose, ensure your legs are active and your spine is long. Your arms should be soft and a strap (or bent knees) can be used to assist if hamstrings are tight. Some further props for the pose include adding sandbags on lower back and a bolster under the abdomen to release pressure on the spine.

5.Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose)


Keep both legs active, ensure that you use a strap and for variation rotate extended leg out to side. Ensure that both hips stay glued to the floor.

6. Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose).





This pose is great anytime and is a light inversion that can be done by anyone. Great at the end of a long day to help with a good nights sleep. Legs can be spread apart or in cobbler pose (soles of feet together and knees spread apart) for variations. Ensure you come out slowly and carefully.


7. Savasana (corpse pose)



There’s a reason this is the final pose in every yoga class. It’s how we balance and centre our energy after moving our bodies in all different directions. It is our chance to stop, let go of tension and reconnect with our inner self. Lay flat and straight with arms away a little from body, neck elongated, palms up (if comfortable) and legs apart toes rolling out. To add further comfort to this pose try adding a blanket under your head and a bolster either under knees or lengthways along your spine to help with lower back discomfort.



Namaste Sarah ox


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