5 tips to get the SPRING back in your step

Well it’s spring, the weather is warming up- well in Townsville, North Queensland it never really gets cold….but we did get some jumpers out this year!

In any case, the days are getting longer and as we head towards summer, it’s time to think about a spring clean up- both inside and out.

With a newborn bubba, I have also felt the need to shape up and also stretch my sore and tired muscles. I also need to ensure that I have enough energy to get me through the day (and night!)- so I have been cleaning up my diet and adding a little oomph to my yoga practice.

If you are also feeling like you need to shape up and get a little junk out of your trunk, then I have five simple tips help you get motivated.

1. Set an intention

Take some time out in a quiet spot. Bring some paper and a pen. Sit tall and comfortably, close your eyes and focus on the rise and fall of your breath. Allow your breath to become deep and long and enjoy the calm feeling that it brings. After a few minutes of this, allow your breath to settle and connect with any emotions/ feelings/ thoughts that come up for you. Don’t get lost in your thoughts, just notice what comes up without judgement. Write down what comes up for you. Make a commitment to change anything you are unhappy with.

This is the time to set an intention, for instructions on how to do this you may want to read this blog post

2. Clean up your diet

They do say it’s 80% diet 20% exercise so do a little audit on what you eat. If you want to lose a little, some simple tips include decreasing portion sizes, cutting out processed foods, eating more veg and fruit (and less of the other stuff), and drink more water and less of the other drinks ;). If you don’t know where to start, talk to a professional, or just start by changing one part about your diet that’s not healthy.

3. Dial up your yoga practice

Have you got a regular home practice??? Do you go to a regular class?

If you go to yoga class, try a different class that may challenge you and your practice. If you practice at home, try adding some extra sweat to your practice by adding a series of lunges, squats, plank + push ups, and core work to your practice. Make it a circuit where you repeat 4-5 times with little rest in between. You may do this after some warm up sun salutes and before you begin standing poses. Check out my free yoga page for you tube clips on practicing at home.

4. Commit to moving more

Get outside and play with the kids, go for a walk/run/ride when you can. Walk to work, take the stairs, take up an active sport/hobby, do the gardening or that paint job you have been putting off, put music on and dance like no one is watching! There’s plenty of ways to move about, have fun with it!

5. Get enough rest

Introduce some meditation into your day (morning is best), include some wind down time in the evening and go to bed early. For inspiration on how to introduce meditation into your day click on this link

And don’t forget, I have a couple of workshops coming up in the next couple of months on developing your home practice, and how to do it with kids- for more info click here

If you don’t want to (or can’t!) leave home to practice with me, I have a new online video class starting soon. For more info click here

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